Dockerized nikola.
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Docker image with nikola, the html static generator.

$ docker run -ti help
Unable to find image '' locally
latest: Pulling from nikola
f2aa67a397c4: Pull complete
775dea0e0f64: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:9ab757b5b67a6bb1e7096a9610053805b5b129b75534d72300d7e36829b01505
Status: Downloaded newer image for
Nikola is a tool to create static websites and blogs. For full documentation and more information, please visit

Available commands:
  nikola auto                 builds and serves a site; automatically detects site changes, rebuilds, and optionally refreshes a browser
  nikola bootswatch_theme     given a swatch name from and a parent theme, creates a custom theme
  nikola build                run tasks
  nikola check                check links and files in the generated site
  nikola clean                clean action / remove targets
  nikola console              start an interactive Python console with access to your site
  nikola deploy               deploy the site
  nikola doit_auto            automatically execute tasks when a dependency changes
  nikola dumpdb               dump dependency DB
  nikola forget               clear successful run status from internal DB
  nikola github_deploy        deploy the site to GitHub Pages
  nikola help                 show help
  nikola ignore               ignore task (skip) on subsequent runs
  nikola import_wordpress     import a WordPress dump
  nikola info                 show info about a task
  nikola init                 create a Nikola site in the specified folder
  nikola install_theme        install theme into current site
  nikola list                 list tasks from dodo file
  nikola new_page             create a new page in the site
  nikola new_post             create a new blog post or site page
  nikola orphans              list all orphans
  nikola plugin               manage plugins
  nikola reset-dep            recompute and save the state of file dependencies without executing actions
  nikola rst2html             compile reStructuredText to HTML files
  nikola serve                start the test webserver
  nikola status               display site status
  nikola strace               use strace to list file_deps and targets
  nikola tabcompletion        generate script for tab-completion
  nikola theme                manage themes
  nikola version              print the Nikola version number

  nikola help                 show help / reference
  nikola help <command>       show command usage
  nikola help <task-name>     show task usage