Deploy a docker registry.
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Docker Registry

Download the docker registry image, deploy it and create a systemd service.


To run this role you must have installed:

  • Docker, we suggest to use this role
  • docker pip package

Role Variables

  • docker_main_dir: A directory where you’ll save all docker related configurations and data.
  • docker_command: Docker command used to launch the container. [Default: /usr/bin/docker run -i --name {{ registry_service_name }} -p --rm -v {{ registry_data }}:/var/lib/registry -v {{ registry_config }}/:/etc/docker/registry registry:2]
  • registry_data: Directory to store the registry data. [Default: {{ docker_main_dir }}/registry/data]
  • registry_auth: Directory to store the authentication data. [Default: {{ docker_main_dir }}/registry/auth]
  • registry_config: Directory to store the registry configuration. [Default: {{ docker_main_dir }}/registry/config]
  • registry_service_name: Docker service name. [Default: docker-registry]



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
    docker_main_dir: /root/docker/
    - { role: docker-registry}


To test the role you need molecule.

And vagrant installed with libvirt

molecule test



Author Information

drymer [ EN ] lyz [ EN ]